New Builds

Why Build With Us

Toussaint Building Group is more than a construction company. It is a commitment to building excellence and world-class custom service. It is the experience of helping clients transcend their own dreams and expectations about living well. It is a forum for designers and craftsmen to express their finest talents and skills to create works of art that will be lived in for generations.

Toussaint Building Group understands every detail needed to build a breathtaking living environment with a timeless design that maximizes the full potential of each property.

We have systems and procedures in place, including personal visits, checklists, calls, emails, and reports to ensure your project stays organized and on track. For logistical convenience, our supervisors have, smart phones, and tablets to manage digital communications and keep everyone in sync.

Toussaint Building Group has the staff, the passion, and the resources to orchestrate complicated design elements and technologies so you can enjoy this exciting and creative process.

Our approach is different from the rest of the industry. Toussaint Building Group was founded on the idea that customer service has been lacking in building. We provide the highest level of customer service regardless of the project and believe that the best dreams are built by a team. Our team is waiting to help you embark on one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys of your life – designing and building your home, so you and your family can LIVE THE DIFFERENCE each day you walk through your own front door.

Our Goal – to construct homes of the highest quality. From that singular idea evolved a guiding philosophy: to treat our clients, our team, the community and everyone we meet, with integrity, respect,compassion and all the best we have to offer. This is our unwavering commitment.


Toussaint Building Group is honored to work with industry-leading Architects and Interior Designers to make your dream home possible. Toussaint Building Group have developed strong, long-lasting relationships with their partners that will last a lifetime. We have a broad range of experts that can guide you on all your building decisions, keeping within your desired budget but not compromising on quality allowing your dream to be brought to life right before your own eyes.